Monday, January 09, 2006


I informed my family on Christmas day that I was going to make adaptations suitable to enhancing the quality of life for my PUG dog Daisy since she is now developing arthritis and continues to jump up and down from the living room sofa and my bed.

Daisy is now taking arthritis medication but in order to prevent further injury, I've removed the frame from my bed as well as all the cushions from the sofa. The next step will be to remove the sofa completely and the box spring from the bed, which will leave the mattress to sleep on.

I have a large square coffee table and I think an arrangement of pillows on the floor around the table should look quite nice. I'm not certain about comfort yet, and I'm beginning to think my guests may not stay very long..... which will be just fine. The dog remain the priority!

This new look will also give my family and friends another opportunity to comment about how "he's gone over the edge", which has already been said on more than one occasion.

The dining and computer areas will remain intact; the dogs don't go there.


CrackerLilo said...

I don't know if I'd ever go that far, but I know what a priority and comfort those dogs are in your life. It's your house--and besides, they'd remodel and adapt for an aging or disabled two-legged family member.


merichs said...

That's beautiful. I'll probably do the same for my two kitties someday. After all, they've looked after me for their whole lives. One is nestled next to me right now as I type this note.

Beautiful blog site

BostonPobble said...

Consider getting camping chairs for sitting around the coffee table as well as the pillows. The ones that have a back to them but fold up into nothing and go away once you're done with them. For the people *you* want to stick around a little longer. ;)