Monday, January 16, 2006

Taking them down, one bigot at a time...........

The Art of Joe Phillips

Another "holier than thou" on his way to hell!

DAWSONVILLE, Ga. -- Ralph Reed, the former executive director of the Christian coalition and now a candidate for lieutenant governor, had just finished his opening statement to the Dawson County Republican Party when retired pulp paper executive Gary Pichon sprang from his seat with a question that cut to the chase:"Did you accept any gifts, commissions or other payments of any kind from Mr. Abramoff, and are you likely to be a party in the unfolding investigation?"

Silence enveloped the 60 or so Republicans in the auditorium, and Reed's cheerful manner turned tense. "No," he replied. "No to all these."

As everyone knew, Pichon was referring to Jack Abramoff, whose outsize Washington lobbying scandal has reached down to Georgia. Abramoff and Reed have been friends for 25 years, and until recently it had been a mutually profitable association.

Now it is proving highly inconvenient for Reed, and threatens to stall a career that has been emblematic of the modern GOP.

Reed served as executive director of the College Republicans from 1983 to 1985 and led a revival of the Christian right in the 1990s. He founded a grass-roots lobbying firm in 1997, bringing in millions of dollars in fees, chaired the Georgia Republican Party in 2002 when the GOP took over the state, and served as Southeast director of the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign.

The first major dent in Reed's carefully cultivated image came with the disclosure in the summer of 2004 that his public relations and lobbying companies had received at least $4.2 million from Abramoff to mobilize Christian voters to fight Indian casinos competing with Abramoff's casino clients.

Similarly damaging has been a torrent of e-mails revealed during the investigation that shows a side of Reed that some former supporters say cannot be reconciled with his professed Christian values.

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ProfessorGQ said...

hmph! interesting.

sttropezbutler said...


He's scum...hiding behind christ like the rest of 'em.


Hypoxic said...

I think Reed is an opportunist that just used the religious right to get what he wanted in the political arena (power and influence). I'll be glad to see him fall and a lot of others like him. Now if the Dems could just get their act together.

On a lighter note, I seriously doubt he's as well endowed as the devil in your picture LOL (sorry, just couldn't resist)