Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ahhhhhh the weekend!

It's a wonderful life here in Florida (until hurricane season). The weather this morning is in the mid 70's with a nice breeze coming in off the Gulf of Mexico. The dogs are loving this; the're also loving jumping in and out of piles of falling leaves, which is making me crazy because they get filthy. This leads to bath time (which they both enjoy).

Of course, they could be jumping in snow; but I won't go there!

Today promises to be a very emotional day. My foster son was from a family of eight children; all different fathers, except for JR who had two natural brothers; Chris and Rick.

I always encouraged him to remain in close contact with his brothers and we've always been close. Both are now married with families and Chris, now the oldest is the one who made that horrific telephone call March 21, 2005 informing me of JR's accident.

Today, both men are flying to Florida. I will be meeting them tonite for dinner in Orlando. We're all aware that this will be a very emotional evening, but we all seem to be having a difficult time with closure.

Hopefully, tonight will be a new beginning.


Blogzie said...

Oh, DonDon,

I hope that the dinner tonight will be a new beginning for all of you and that you are able to find some closure.

You haven't really lost him, he will always live on in your heart.

Nothing is harder that what you have been through in the past year. Time will lessen the pain, but it never takes it away completely. I know and I know you know.

You are remarkable and I'm so glad to know and love you.


BostonPobble said...

Warm fuzzies go with you tonight.

sjobs said...

I hope this evening was a time for closure and a new beginning. Lose we have lost are always with us in our hearts. My mom passed away 12 1/2 years ago, and I still her with me daily. I still talk to her and dream about her.

Time does lessen the pain but it never truly takes it away.

I am so happy to have found you in the last few months, take care.....


sttropezbutler said...