Thursday, January 26, 2006


The Art of Michelle Sakhai

After finishing tonights' journal entry, I went back to proofread and edit. Scrolling down, I noticed that I had two visitors on my neocounter. One was from the United States and the other from Kuwait.

It made me wonder....... who the hell is reading this blog and how did they get here?
Can they even read english, or are they just looking at the pictures?

Maybe they just click on the [next blog] icon at the top right of this journal.... I tend to jump from blog to blog when I'm curious or just bored. It could also be that they click on the opening page of my blogsite where recently published blogs appear........ or they could have been redirected here from a blog where I appear on a link listing; or from one of the sites where I'm registered.

I guess it really doesn't matter where they come from, what matters is that they read, and hopefully enjoy what I have to say/reference; and come again.

I love my neocounter........ I love visitors to this blog; much more than I love visitors to my home (for whom I have to clean, shower and dress). The neocounter is free (the one that tells if anyone is visiting). The listing of recent visitors (the one with all the flags) costs .75 cents per month. Well worth it for a blog-addict like me (if you run your mouse over each flag, a small map appears showing exactly where each country is located. A plus for the "geographically challenged" like me.
If you want to install either one, just click on the word neocounter below each icon and it will take you to the site!

More important is the small counter at the bottom left of my blog (under "Thank You" ..... Not only does that count my visitors, it also tells me who visited this site. I've read blog entries where the author has been harassed. Registering with this site will give you the URL of every person who visits. Anonymous or not.... there is some comfort in knowing that "anonymous" is not really as "anonymous" as they think. Damn.... now I'm thinking like the dreaded republicans.

nuff said!


Hikaru said...

It's a double edged sword having those counters. I've had many referrals come to me while searching for "sexy naked boys" and stay. It makes me wonder what the attraction is.

There's the mysterious person from Sweden who visits for long stretches of time yet never says anything. It's very fascinating, because I just want to sit down and have a chat with some of the visitors, however, technology hasn't advanced that far yet.

hastydevil said...

i've had similar experiences when i still had neocounter.

the counter shows that lots of people from more than 20 countries are visitng my blog and yet they just seem to read my entries. not even leaving a comment or a shoutout or anything.

am i one of their guilty pleasures? i'll never know.

Blogzie said...

Oh dear, now you know the truth, I'm stalking you!

I guess I should come out of the closet and admit that I'm your biggest (literally) fan.

And when I visit, you do not have to clean the house and take a shower.

And you certainly don't have to get dressed!