Thursday, January 26, 2006


No longer sustained by visions of yesterday
a nation begins to slide -

as politicians continue to promise and praise,
uneducated citizens cheer them on and wave!

America, the fall has begun
Bring me your hearts, your courage and your dreams!

Unveil Americas' vision my dreamers!
Be heard, be strong, be seen!

Remember the story of the man who spoke, "I have a dream..."
And the other who wrote, "Ask not what your country can do..."

Our vision is desperately needed!
Awake my dreamers! Dream once again!

The leaders are lost, they need your input!
Stop spinning your wheels - silence can't be heard!

Awake my dreamers! Awake your dreams!
Your country is falling, can't you see?

Thank You, Kerry

1 comment:

Blogzie said...

Beautifully written and oh so true.