Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The little red microwave oven!

I bought a microwave oven when I first moved to Florida..... at a time when they were costly. I loved my microwave oven and used it frequently..... a great time saver.

And then it died.

My neighbor Jodi, upon hearing that I was using my oven to heat whatever, gave me her old microwave oven. It was a monster.... a big, ugly old thing that thankfully still worked. I hated that oven from day one, but not wanting to disappoint Jodi, I used it until she moved. The next day, the monster was out in the trash.

I went all winter without a microwave oven. Again, using the oven to heat anything that needed to be warmed or reheated..... with the temperatures in this area approaching the low 80's this weekend, it's time for a new microwave.

I'm in love. The day I purchased my little red Blogzie crock pot, there it was on a shelf in the next aisle. A little red microwave oven! As I previously stated, I hate the color red. UUGH........ but this microwave oven was screaming "take me home". I fought the urge.... for two weeks.

Saturday, it's back to Target, and there it was. Waiting for daddy! Come on baby, you're coming home.

Now, we need to repaint the kitchen. Red looks ghastly against a sage green background!

NOTE: I actually went to Target to purchase this microwave oven on Saturday but noticed that they had been moved to an end cap......... little bells started going off in my head. This puppy is heading for a sale. I waited one more day, and there it was in the Sunday ads; $15.00 off the original price. Ya just gotta love those sales!


CrackerLilo said...

Careful with that stimulates appetite! (That's why you see it in a lot of fast-food restaurants.)

Good lookin' out for the sale.

I can come repaint your the red would look *good* against a mocha-colored background.

The Blog Whore said...

What patience... I would have never made it to the sale. I impulse buy, feel the remorse, then stand in line to return, hee hee.

I have to agree, mocha would look fabulous!