Friday, March 10, 2006

My Personal Rainbow Coalition

I love my job...... I think I've said that before, and I proudly say it again. I was out of work sick three days last week, and had forgotten that this was my fifth anniversary with this organization.

During afternoon break, and just before my clients were to leave for the day, my boss came out of her office and said.... "may I have your attention, I have an announcement to make".... at which time she told everyone that this was my fifth anniversary.

Hearing my clients, 53 developmentally disabled adults cheer and sing Happy Anniversary...... was one of the sweetest sound I've ever heard.

Having my boss tell me that she "can't believe it's been only five years, it seems like we're worked together for a lifetime" and knowing how in tune we are in advocacy for The Rights of Persons with Developmental Disabilities, this was a great compliment.

Receiving a recognition pin accompanied by a check was not hard to take either!

After my clients left for the day, I went to the smoking area to join several friends when the vice president of our company stopped by for a smoke. She looked around at the 15 of us (two men and thirteen women) and to our amazement said, "how lovely to be surrounded by our very own rainbow coalition." We all looked around and realized that indeed, the entire group was made up of gay men and lesbians. We are certainly the minority as far as company employees and smokers go, but it was rather amusing that we just happened to have gathered together at the same time.

It's also wonderful working for a company that recognizes us not for sexual orientation but for what each individual brings to this organization to make it as successful as it is; and yes we enjoy partner benefits.


ConnieJane said...


How proud of you are you? You are obviously a very compassionate and loving employee. How lucky for the clients you help each day. Good for you!


hastydevil said...

that's wonderful Don. We need more companies that truly respect diversity.


ProfessorGQ said...


It is a great feeling to feel appreciated by your peers and bosses at work.

cats said...

happy anniversary. and isn't it wonderful that you could celebrate somewhere that you love.

sttropezbutler said...

And they are so lucky to have you!

So so so lucky!


Blogzie said...

I agree with the Butler.

How lucky they are to have you.

I think it's a win-win situation.

Big Congratulations to you!

How wonderful to have a job you truly love.

With your commute, you would have to love it, no?


And I love you.