Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday morning rant!

Now that the Pobble charges a "buck-fifty" for a cup of coffee, I have to wonder if my dear friend was even around when coffee was 5 cents..... I think not!

After last Saturdays Target jackpot, I am off and running again today. No one knows what treasures are in store [s]!

Today is the first day I am finally over that non-flu whatever I had all week. After going back to work on Wednesday and still not feeling just right, I took yesterday off and last evening, instead of filling up on Nyquil and whatever, I drank two bottles of champagne. The perfect cure for the common cold!

Yesterday's (Friday March 3, 2006) post, as absurd as I think it is; I find a bit scary. It's just another example of the strange direction our country is going in. Of course, this is Florida where stranger than fiction occurs on a daily basis.



cats said...

happy hunting; hope you hit the target! (get it? get it? you're going to target! oh i am in rare form today.)

BostonPobble said...

Ewww...Cats! Even *I* thought that was bad...

Anyway! To comment on the actual post by the actual author ~ glad you are feeling better! Champagne as cold remedy, huh? I LIKE it! One of the times in my life I have been the sickest, the Lovely Cats's mother started feeding me hot toddies. HER hot toddies ~ whiskey with a tea bag in it, heated up and a tablespoon of honey added. She fed me those all day. I was asleep by 5 that afternoon, drunk of my 16 year old butt. Stayed home from the school the next day, hungover and was Perfectly Fine on day three. Even the doctor was amazed at my recovery. We didn't tell him. ;) I think, however, now that I am no longer 16, I'll take the champagne over the whiskey if it's all the same.

ConnieJane said...

Glad you're finally feeling better. Champagne, who knew?

Visited Target yesterday evening.. nice place to wonder. Lots of clearance items too!

Happy shopping and stop by my place for a cocktail.

Blogzie said...

I want to go to Tarjay with you! We would have so much fun shopping for bargains. I hardly ever go shopping anymore, I'm such a dull girl.

So glad you are feeling perky again!

Loads of Love