Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Here they are.... the much anticipated, never duplicated DonDon009 NOLA AWARDS 2005!


#1: Lafitte's for having the friendliest manager, doorman and bartenders in town. They're attentive, remember their customers and treat them well. As a stranger in town, giving me a bottle of champagne on my birthday was a wonderful gesture. *** they also have the best prices that I could find. Gin and tonic was $3.00 while at the Bourbon Pub one block away the price was $5.00.

#2: Bourbon Pub has the best location to see and be seen. I usually grab the stool by the door where I can catch the action both inside and outside the bar (although I spend most of my time outside). The music is great (club mix) and the bartenders are fast (if you can get their attention when it's busy). The drinks are expensive (see above) I paid $7.50 for an apple martini. I love working the crowd outside and usually score big time.

#3: Would probably be OZ but I only went in to say hello to a bartender for a fellow blogger. The music and atmosphere is techno and the crowd is younger than I'm comfortable with. Chris the bartender was a sweetheart with a great sense of humor and for allowing me to take his pic.

#4: Corner Pocket could easily be #2 or #3. Lots of dancers (more than 25 the nite were there)
and they were clean and cute. They dance on the bar, five at a time for 15 minute intervals. Lots of variety. I expected a much more sleazy atmosphere but it was very nice. Still not my type of bar and would probably not go again.

#5: Good Friends has always been one of my favorites but this time, I sat and waited more than 5 minutes for a drink while the bartender held hands and socialized with some dude sitting on my left. When he finally noticed I was sitting there, he got me a drink and went back to his new friend, neglecting the rest of the bar. Where the hell was management?

I can't rate Rawhide because I didn't go in, but Tim and Bill love it and would rate in number 1.
This blog is my personal opionion only!

The Best NON-ORIGINAL QUOTE award goes to: ME!

Thursday afternoon, I was sitting on my favorite bar stool at the entrance of the Bourbon Pub when Mr. Yuppie boy, (dressed in a totally bar inappropriate polo dress shirt and tie, jeans and loafers) is glancing my way. I'm trying to avoid eye contact but Mr. Yuppie seems to have his penis radar airmed at Big Daddy (me). Although I've quit smoking, I'm holding a lit cigarette (let's not go there), between two fingers, palm down on my left knee. Yuppie boy decides to make his move and saunters over to me. While gazing lustily into my eyes, he goes to put his hand on my knee. BINGO! Yuppie Boy's hand, palm down lands directly dead center on the lit part of my cigarette. OUCH! Yuppie Boy is shaking his burned hand, looking for reaction from me, while all I can think to say is: "you play with fire, you get burned!" Yuppie Boy picks up his cell phone, makes a call and about 10 minutes later, daddy's big ole stretch limo arrives, chauffeur gets out to open door for yuppie boy and off they ride into the sunset!

The first runner up award for BEST NON-ORIGINAL quote goes to TIM talking about a trick he brought home: "it was at least a foot long!"

The second runner up award for BEST NON-ORIGINAL quote goes to BILL talking about the same trick as above: "it was at least 12 inches long!"

The I WANT TO HAVE MORE TRICKS THAN DON award goes to TIM who lined them up, black and white, young and old (ages 19 - 60) and took digital pics to prove it! YOU GO BOY!

And finally, the BACK TO NATURE award goes to DON, for hosting BRUNCH, not once but twice in Louis Armstrong Park.



Nice trip report! Sorry I wasn't in New Orleans this last weekend. So, you told Chris I said to say "hi"? Did he say something vicious? Ha ha...

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT...LOVE IT....LOVE IT! I guess that I got the first annual BITCH award??

Love ya!