Monday, June 06, 2005


With the week from hell finally over, I was hoping for a weekend filled with excitement. UNFORTUNATELY, the rain didn't end with TGIF, but lasted thru the weekend. I managed to get my ass off line Saturday nite and stopped by the Pro Shop for a few drinks. Tim was there as well as Vinny who arrived with his right arm in a sling. Seems he fell getting out of bed (sober?) and dislocated his shoulder. Not sure I want to be on the roads tonite when Vinny goes home, driving with his left hand and a few drinks under his belt. There were a few interesting faces at the bar tonite, but I was too busy (hanging out with Tim and Vinny and talking to my buddy Steve the bartender) to investigate.

Sunday found the sun finally peeking from behind the clouds (is this Florida?), so I headed for the mall. Of course the minute I left the mall it started pouring again so I got home soaked and broke!

Doodles and his partner EBAMJR have finally confirmed that they will not be meeting me in New Orleans (they have issues). Doodles has so many issues I'm thinking of getting him a full subscription. Yes, I am disappointed but "no expectations, no regrets"!

Speaking of issues, I now have an issue of my own. I have broken a tooth, which is now becoming abscessed; which means... get my ass to the dentist, get me some antibiotics and get this show on the road. I do not need this grief one week before New Orleans.

Actual days of work before New Orleans.... five
Days smoke free..............fifteen

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