Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Friday, June 17th

The art of Glen Hanson
The weather's been beautiful, low 90's with only about 50% humidity. I called on the dogs today and was told that they're doing fine. I am not happy! They're supposed to be missing me, dammit. Actually I was worried, and glad they're eating. I miss my babies but I think it was time for a little short term vacation from each other. Friday morning, I headed to Armstrong Park with coffee in hand for some relaxation, I met someone and the morning turns out to be anything but relaxaing...... at 11 AM my someone had to go to work so I rested and at mid afternoon Bill, Tim and I stopped by the Bourbon Pub for a few drinks and ended up outside where the sidewalks were packed with peeps. Tim asked a couple of them if he can photograph and the next thing I know, one of them has his cock out (YES, on Bourbon Street) and Tim is clicking away. I dont want to overdo the drinking cause of the antibiotics so I leave the men to their antics, check out the French Market, visit a few are galleries on Royal, purchase body lotion for my friend Ina Faye at HOVE, and meet Tim and Bill for dinner at a small bistro going towards Jackson Square. Fried oysters again tonite and they're a delicious golden brown. I can't get oysters in this area so I make up for it here. Tim calls to let me know they're going to the Corner Pocket tonite. I've never been there and not tempted to go at all (I'm not much into strippers) and decide to go to Good Friends Bar instead (where the service sucks tonite cause the damned bartender is too busy trying to get laid than wait on his customers). At about 2:00AM, I meet Tim at LaFitte's for a bit more socialization, then head home.

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