Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Birthday, June 18th

The art of Glen Hanson
My Birthday!
Waking up in the city I love the most.
Bill is going home today to spend Father's Day (tomorrow) with his dad, which means the celebrations begin early at LaFitte's. The boys aren't letting me spend any money today and the Bloody Mary's start arriving. Some of the locals get into the act and even send drinks over for my friends. LaFitte's has now become my new favorite bar. The people are friendly, the bartenders are attentive and the drinks cost less. A gin and tonic at the Bourbon Pub was $5.00 while at Lafittes (one block away) costs $3.00. Also, because it is my birthday, they sent over a bottle of champagne; something they didnt need to do, since they really don't know us as regular customers. I asked them to keep the champagne on ice until tonite because I'm already becoming "brain dead" from all the partying and decide to make an exit before I fall on my face. I call my sister from Bourbon Street to let her hear the music and head for Harrah's Casino again. This time, I win my money back and decide not to test my luck and head to Canal Place to do some shopping (Sacks Fifth Avenue, Kenneth Cole and Banana Republic). After dinner, I met Tim as planned back at Lafitte's where my bottle of champagne was still on ice and ready to go. We finished the bottle (with shots of Sour Apple Pucker on the side) and I finally let Tim talk me into going to the Corner Pocket. I'm surprised at the quantity and quality of the dancers there. I expected the place to be a dive full of hustlers, but actually the dancers were nice looking, clean and didn't push themselves on customers. I stayed about an hour. The dancers dance (five at a time) for 15 minute sets. In the hour I was there, we saw 20 different dancers, with more waiting to come on. I left Tim busy with one of the dancers and headed to the Bourbon Pub where I partied until about 3:00 A.M.

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