Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Thursday, June 16th

The Party Begins!

Tim, Bill and I arrived in New Orleans early this morning and checked in to our respective guest houses (Tim and Bill at the St. Peter Guest House and me at the Villa Convento) after which we met at Lafitte's for the traditional Bloody Mary's. After a couple, I left the men to continue the party and headed for Harrah's Casino where I played the slots for a while and seeing my cash disappear, decided to have lunch there. After lunch, I left for Jackson Square and decided to check out the action at the Bourbon Pub! I had my first Apple Martini when Tim and Bill arrived. I left my favorite barstool at the entrance of Bourbon Pub and took my place at my favorite street post outside the bar where we started to play the young locals. Tim had his digital camera and asked a few of the youngsters if he could photograph them, which they loved. Shirts come off, and then all of a sudden, righto.... a cock is out; (yep, this is in the afternoon, on the corner of Bourbon Street and St. Ann) and Tim's camera is clicking away. I told Tim he better buy these boys a drink for this performance but they inform us they can't drink because they're too young (19 - 20) . Go figure.... so it's "Pepsi on Ice" (with cherries) for the boys. I leave to shower and change for dinner and Tim calls to inform me they never went home but are now at LaFitte's still drinking. We meet and head for my favorite restaurant (Maspero's) where I have my usual enormous platter of fried oysters. I have to slow down the partying because I'm taking antibiotics because of a tooth infection and the possibility of an abscess so I head back to the guest house to rest and eventually end up back at the Bourbon Pub. Tim and Bill go to the Corner Pocket but I decide not to accompany them because I'm not too crazy about "stripper bars". At about 2:00 AM, I decide it's time for some sleep and meet the Tim late at Lafitte's for a nitecap before heading across the street to the Clover Grill for a bacon and cheese omelet to go. At least I'm not sleeping alone tonite (I've got me one big ole omelet) to keep me satisfied. Looks like it's gonna be one crazy weekend!

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BrettCajun said...

I really loved your chronicles about New Orleans. Yeah, taking your dick out on Bourbon St. is so very common. It is no big deal, which is what makes New Orleans great. I am still waiting on that pic with Chris the bartender at Oz. I'll see him tomorrow night at OZ when I am in New Orleans this weekend.