Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pug Resort

The Drama Begins!

Countdown to New Orleans also means Countdown to Doggy Resort which also means time for the annual check up, yearly shots, grooming and manicures!
Saturday morning bright and early, sis and brother-in-law arrived to escort us to the vet. I'm much too emotional to handle both dogs and paper work at the same time. Also, I can't bear to watch Daisy get her shots so holding her is delegated to brother-in-law, while I squirm in the nearest corner. Of course today, Daisy is being very difficult and I'm called in to assist. Not a pretty sight. Muggs, on the other hand just stands there and allows the mean ole vet (Daisy's and my opinion) to give him his shots and do whatever...... and he takes it like a "good ole boy"! Thank you Muggs, Daddy loves you very much.

The next stop is Pet Smart to purchase new collars and leashes that match the green "I got my rabies shot" tag. The Pet Smart in Clearwater doesn't have the leash length I'm looking for in green, so the next scheduled stop is Pet Smart in Largo which I will do later in the week.

At the grocers I purchase a rotisserie chicken for the babies.... after all, they've been traumatized today (or is that me?). Arriving home, Daisy is pouting under the dining room table while Muggs remains happily oblivious to anything that transpired so far today. Even the chicken doesn't change Daisy's mood. It's gonna be a long day!

I take a quick walk into town and stop by Stein Mart to buy a black jersey. When I get home, Daisy is still pouting and Muggs is lying down on my computer chair. He looks up at me and appears to be lethargic. I see that his face is swollen and his eyes lack thier usual luster. My baby boy appears to have had an allergic reaction to his shots. A quick call to the emergency vet who suggests benadryl (an antihistamine) to minimize swelling and bring relief. Muggs as usual is compliant and all ends well.

Daisy continues to pout.... I'm being punished BIG TIME!

Sunday Morning: Daisy, not to be upstaged by Muggs and the allergic reaction he had to his shots chose to continue the drama by vomiting all over the living room floor this morning! AMEN


SM4HC3 said...

Hello from Venice Fla. Just want to say: AWSOME HOME PAGE !! tHANKS FOR ALLOWING ME TO VIEW/READ IT.

Humo said...

awwwww.... poor Daisy. Sorry she had such a traumatic day. I hope you found a nice place to board them while you're gone, Don. Someplace where they'll be pampered and treated like the royalty they ARE! wishes on the trip to New Orleans! :-)