Tuesday, October 25, 2005


This being one of the few times I've spent not going to New Orleans for HALLOWEEN, I'm going to be joining the festivities at the local pub.

A costume is out of the question. I refuse to appear locally in anything other than the standard black everything..... and NO, I am not going as a priest.... I have no desire to make Jesus weep!

What are your plans for HALLOWEEN?

Give me some ideas and take the boredom out of my already boring life!

In the meantime, my favorite nephew who also happens to be my only nephew sent me this in E-Mail today.......... from the title of the e-mail, I expected to see something else!



sttropezbutler said...

Now that the Series is over, I can focus on the important stuff. Should I make myself a costume? If so, what should it be?

As I've said....All will be revealed.

Boo Bee's indeed.


AC said...

No costume!?! It's not Halloween without a costume!


I am lazy with costumes. I do either an ARMY thing or (like this year) dressed as a baseball player. It wasn't cheap getting a legitimate baseball uniform, but I looked good! If you dress up, please post a pic Don! ;)

Ruben said...

Everytime I say the word "Boobies" I laugh uncontrollably.i won't be wearing a costume this year. I think I will lock my gate and hope that the demonic neighborhood kids swarm someone else's doorstep.

Blogzie said...


Did someone say boobies?

I think that is the answer to your costume dilemma.

Boobies it is!

BostonPobble said...

My plans are to celebrate Samhain with a couple other dear, dear Pagan friends. Not terribly exciting if you're not Pagan but at least I know what my costume is. ;) At least throw devil ears on with you all black ensemble. Keep it interesting!