Sunday, October 02, 2005

Will Somebody Please "get me outta here!"

One of America's A-list gay couples has broken up.

No, it's not Rosie and Kelli. It's Roy and Silo. Roy and Silo are male penguins. Chinstrap penguins to be exact.

About six years ago, Roy and Silo set up housekeeping together in New York's Central Park Zoo. They courted and attempted to mate and by all accounts were fairly inseparable. They even adopted a child together. Roy and Silo hatched little Tango a couple of years ago and raised her as their own.

However, recently Silo has become perhaps the world's first documented ex-gay penguin. He has moved out of his nest with Roy and taken up with Scrappy, a hot little bird who recently moved in from Sea World Zoo in San Diego. I guess he was wishing for a California girl.

And now we ask:

"Was Silo bi-sexual all along, or will he become the new poster child [penguin] for the christian group Focus In The Family, which preaches that homosexuality is preventable and treatable?"

Will the Christian conservatives who claim that March of the Penguins [the documentary of emperor penguins by Luc Jacques], supports Intelligent Design use this as a "we told you so"?

"Who is going to get custody of little Tango?"



sttropezbutler said...

The questions, the questions.

This should be reality TV.....



Maybe Roy can do a Woody Allen and marry his adopted daughter.

I'm just sayin.


ConnieJane said...

I agree STB, great subject for reality TV!

Perhaps Roy took up with Scrappy because he couldn't legally marry Silo... will we ever know without the series?