Sunday, October 23, 2005


People who know me personally call me thin skinned. I don't do criticism well and usually shut down and it takes time to recover.

I waited months for the Clearwater Jazz Holiday.... one of my favorite Sax players was playiing on opening nite and I attended; knowing Eric Darius would not let me down, and he didn't.

On Sunday, the fourth and final day I was anxious to hear several jazz groups from New Orleans perform. Unfortunately, I was unable to concentrate and thoroughly enjoy myself because of an incident that occurred while entering Coachman Park.

A young couple, probably in their late 20's and holding the hands of a very pretty young girl probably five or six years old were leaving.

As they passed us, the man shouted: " Three things I hate, 'ONE: I hate N&##$ , TWO I hate N&##$ lovers, and THREE I hate N&##$!" [numbers one and three were the same, not sure if it was for emphasis or he had already forgotten what one was]

No one entering said a word, we just kept walking. I wanted so badly to say something or maybe even kick his ass..... but the child.

I listened to Jazz..... It was excellent, I think... I was unable to concentrate. All I kept thinking about was the child; so innocent, so very young to be hearing and learning about HATE!

Yesterday, I was reading a post by Bougie Black Boy (Stephen). I was about to comment when I read the comment immediately before mine. It was from anonymous and was full of hatred.
I was speechless and unable to comment except to say "Sorry Stephen"

Stephen e-mailed to let me know that he had chosen not to delete the post, (as I would have done) but instead posted it that he might respond publicly. How I admire Stephen, and this is why I finally decided to post about the Clearwater Jazz Holiday!

Stephen is a writer, and artist and an editor.... which makes me always worry about spelling, punctuation, etc. So far so good. Check out his site at:


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

Bougie Black Boy said...

Wow DonDon--I deserve that much praise? Gee thanks! :)
much love to you!

Just use all these crazy experiences as a chance to be thankful that we are who we are -- and no one can change us. It's also a good writing exercise.

CrackerLilo said...

They said this at a *jazz* festival?! Do they not know who invented jazz and performed the vast majority of it?

Even if they weren't there for the festival, how horrible.

Don't worry too much about the little girl. She's seeing what hate does up close and personal.

A couple years ago, I posted about the pinky swear not to become racists that my cousin and I did. You may find it comforting.

I hope Wilma spares you and yours. I've been praying. *hugs*

sttropezbutler said...


Hatred...passed on from generation to generation. So stupid.

Thanks for sharing this..and also..thanks for leading the way to BBB...I love his stuff!



Go Astros.

boy wonder? said...

Hey Dondon. Followed my way here from BBB. It angers me to a great extent to hear about these ignorant also-rans.

Spose it makes us cherish the friends we have all the more.