Friday, October 28, 2005

Where do we go from here........

More than 2000 U.S. Troops have been killed in the unnecesary, mishandled and increasingly unpopular war in Iraq.

The Bush administration's disasterous mishandling of this war has been well chornicled. It misled the American people by falsely claiming connections between Iraq and the terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks. No weapons of mass destruction have been found. There was no effective plan for how to respond after Saddam Hussein was removed from power. The depths of the administration's efforts to silence critics, defend its propaganda and mischaracterize the state of affairs in Iraq is still being revealed.

This war has damaged the country's international standing, exposed the weaknesses of its intelligence gathering, overextended its military, strained its finances and undermined the credibility of its government institutions.

More than 1800 troops have been killed since president Bush declared in May 2003 that "major combat operations in Iraq have ended."

It's time to mourn and honor those who have given their lives, to remember the mistakes that brought us to this point and contemplate where we go from here.

As I was preparing to publish this post, CBS news announced that 5 more troops (three US Army and two US Marines) were killed today in IRAQ!


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Blogzie said...

Heartwrenching news, but I do love the art piece.

Why are the images always so clear and crisp on your blog?

I wanna be your blog! I wanna have your blog's children!

Seriously, let us not forget all of the innocent Iraqi's that have been killed, including more children that I can bear to think about.