Saturday, August 06, 2005

And Another Hypocrite!

Another country heard from!

If you've read some of my previous postings, listen to the news or check out your local newspapers, you've probably read about the Hillsborough County Commission and Ronda Storms, the anti gay antagonist.

This all started because THREE patrons complained about a Gay Pride display at West Gate Regional Library. The Gay pride display was removed and the books relocated to another part of the library.
Newspaper stories about this got the Hillsborough County Commissioners all fired up and Ronda Storms got her panties in a knot . In June 2005, the board voted to ban any county entity from so much as acknowledging Gay Pride.

The director of the Hillsborough County library system is Joe Stines, who (you guessed it) just happens to be GAY and has been with his partner for 25 years. But Joe Stines states that he is "conservative in many ways," not one to "carry banners or attend Gay Pride events." (Joe Stines needs his ass spanked too!)

Below are:
Excerpts by SUE CARLTON
St. Petersburg Times
Published August 3, 2005

"Did Joe Stines have an obligation to respond in a certain way because he is GAY?
Me, here's what I would have liked: to see Joe Stines the librarian face off with the commission instead of being practical.

I get worried when people like Commissioner Ronda Storms, who seems to think voluntary sterilization for child abusers and eliminating funding for a Planned Parenthood teen educational pregram are important county issues, want to start mucking around with my library.

I would have liked to have heard Stines talk to them about a library for everyone. He's been around so long, the board must like him. Maybe they would have listened."

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