Saturday, August 27, 2005

Straight Friends and Sports!

My best friends....... for longer than before some of my readers were even born, happen to be straight. Do they know I'm gay? DUH! They've know since day one. They're married with children. Their wives know, actually I'm godfather to two of their children! Has it ever been a problem? The problems arise when we go to football, baseball and hockey games. My friends spend a great deal of time teasing me about how all I'm doing is checking out the players asses. NOT TRUE..... I love sports.

Canadian by birth, the love of hockey was instilled in me almost from birth. GO Tampa Bay Lightning. My family has season tickets and I mean tickets...... almost on the ice! We were there to see them win the Stanley Cup! AMAZING.........

And then we have football.

I love the New Orleans Saints. I want to see them kick some ass this season, although with 2 out of 3 losses already in the pre-season, I am not amused, although still optimistic!

I love the Colts because I'm a major Coach Tony Dungy fan. The man deserves a Super Bowl. In order to do that, they're gonna have to shape up fast because they've lost all 4 preseason games.

I love the Bucs because I live in Tampa Bay..... unless they're playing the Saints or the Colts.
The Bucs are also 2 for 3 losses in the pre-season. Somehow I don't have as much faith in them as I do the Colts this season. They have a ways to go before they become Super Bowl material again.

Gay men in sports is another story. No way, Jose....... you say?

They're there allright....... they just don't want us to know it yet.

Here are TWO examples of professional football players who conveniently came out after retiring from football!

David Kopay played for nine years in the NFL as a running back and special teams ace with San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington, Detroit and Green Bay.

Esera Tuaolo, who played on the 1998 Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl team, said players during his career regularly told gay jokes in the locker room. He also played for the Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers and the Jacksonville Jaguars.
On hearing anti-gay locker room jokes: "They made me go further and further into depression, further and further into shame. Sometimes, suicidal," he said.
Tuaolo lives with his partner and two adopted children in the Minneapolis area.

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Footprint said...

hopefully stories like this will change one mind at a time...