Friday, August 19, 2005


After a dismal 34-15 loss to the Seattle Seahawks last week, the New Orleans Saints were able to pull off a 37-27 win against the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots last in In Foxborough, Mass.


OK, so I'm originally from New England (Patriots), now living in Tampa Bay (Bucs) and I'm screaming for the Saints....... this makes me not very well liked by my die hard football psycho friends....... but my heart is in New Orleans.... and the SAINTS are my team! Football season's not even here yet, but the fun (the bickering) has begun!

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OH MY GOD! I was going to BLOG about this STUNNER, but I thought no other blogger would give a shit! You proved me wrong! I am starting to get some FAITH in the Saints this season, but after so many disappointments... I am not going to be mad if they lose. I am just going to have to be pleasantly surprised if they do well.