Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jim Who?

Things that make me go AAAARRRRG

I received an e-mail from my friend "bigtimmie" last nite that read, "Jim's back in town, call me." Nothing more, nothing less. This e-mail arrived at 11:30 PM just as I was shutting down the computer to get to bed. My first thought, "who the fuck is Jim, and where had he been?"
It was too late to call Tim so I went to bed (with Jim on my mind). I know a lot of guys named Jim but after trying to figure which Jim he's talking about, my mind goes blank, and suddenly I don't know anybody named Jim. This is a ruse..... Tim wants me to call hin so that he can get me to agree to come out this weekend. UUGH!

The past week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. My boss finally came back from vacation which has thankfully returned my work days to a near semblance of sanity. I've been working 6 day weeks and will have to continue this for a few more weeks. We've had a shortage of staff which means when I'm covering for others, my work isn't getting done! Saturday nights with my friends have been impossible (I hope to change that this weekend, Vinny and Tim) and on Sundays I'm so tired I can hardly function.
I need a housekeeper... or some reasonable facimile.

The heat has been unbearable. The dogs aren't getting the exercise they need and deserve because we've been advised to keep pets indoors as much as possible, especially dogs prone to respiratory ailments with PUGS on top of the list. Tonite I took them out for a short walk and with no breeze coming in off the gulf, the humidity was overwhelming.

One of my uncles died Friday evening in Canada. My sister and I are the only two family members living in the US and as much as we wanted to be surrounded by family at this time, but with work, our respective home lives, pets, air schedules, etc., it was impossible to make arrangements to fly up for his funeral which was today.

Dude hasn't called yet ..... still waiting.

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Anonymous said...

Don, as far as who rhe fuck is Jim?
He's a friend of ours, he moved away and fell and broke his hip and arm. I don't think you even know him? I know Bill know's him.
Anyway come out this weekend!