Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Boycott or Buycott

On June 15, 2005 Hillsborough County Commissioners in an outrageous act of bigotry, voted to bar county agencies from recognizing or participating in Gay Pride Month or any events that portray gay people in a positive light.

I am outraged that the Hillsborough County Commission has put its stamp of approval on a policy that discriminates against any segment of our community. This policy is not a sign of neutrality, it is an outright ban that prevents county agencies from participating or recognizing any event that portrays the gay community in a favorable light.

Florida is a favorite tourist destination and a boycott will affect Hillsborough County's reputation and most importantly, their financial resources.
My personal opinion is that although Equality Florida is supporting a BUYCOTT, I don't believe that this is sending a strong enough message to Hillsborough County. We need to hit them where it hurts... the wallet!

If you are planning on visiting the Tampa Bay area, I urge you to refrain from spending your money in Hillsborough County. There are much more beautiful and welcoming areas in Tampa Bay including Pinellas County (home of dondon009). The St. Petersburg/Clearwater areas (with their beautiful beaches) welcome the Gay Community

In a BOYCOTT, people send a message by refusing to spend money in a community or purchase a particular good or service from a specific vendor. The county has already lost millions of dollars in convention and tourism business and those numbers grow everyday.

With a BUYCOTT, people intentionally buy something to make their support of the company or product widely known.

A BUYCOTT is a proactive, method of spotlighting and rewarding companies that take a visible stand against anti-gay bigotry and for respect and inclusion of the diversity of those who live, work and visit Hillsborough County.

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