Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Sense of Loss.......

I find it very difficult to write tonite. I feel a great loss; the loss of a life that once was. I truly love New Orleans but today, I'm blessed. New Orleans to me was home of the heart.... a place where I could escape three or four times a year to enjoy a comfortable stay at my favorite Creole townhouse, eat the best foods on earth and socialize with some of the finest, kindest and friendliest people on the planet! I should not be sad..... I still have a cool, dry and comfortable residence, a job, family and friends here in Florida!

I am angry at the needless deaths ......... they were asked/told to evacuate, many refused!
Many refused, believing this was just another panic attack.... as even I tend to do when we get hurricane warnings here in Florida.

Many more, those who barely survive everyday life didn't want to leave the very little they owned. Others were too ill, too poor or just too tired to leave. How very sad!

Assistance will begin to arrive; homes will be rebuilt which will find jobs for many who could not for so many years find employment, financial assistance will become available. The rich will survive...... the poor must be given all assistance possible to rebuild and improve their lives.

My friends have survived with minimal loss. Thank you Lord!

Life will go on but it will never be as it once was.


Qivan said...

It's one place in America that I haven't been that I'd like to visit ever since I've read Anne Rice. Then again, I'm alway convinced I'm going to get shot in the US, because so many people have guns. I do feel sorry for the poor especially, they will suffer this the most, no insurance, etc.

Mother Nature can be a bitch sometimes.

BostonPobble said...

~sigh~ Let yourself be sad at what has been lost. Grateful and sad do not need to be mutually exclusive. ~sigh~

Qivan said...

New Orleans is such a unique city, that I'm sure, eventually, with all these experts on historical architecture etc, and the south's love of it's past, that they'll rebuild it exactly as it once was. It will be back, but I feel your loss. It's a city that's lived in my imagination for many years, even though I've never been there.