Sunday, August 28, 2005


I've now posted 100 times to this journal and it's been a roller coaster ride from HELL....... but there have been rainbows along the way!

March took me from the exhuberance of springtime in Florida on the 20th to the devastating news of the death of my foster son by automobile accident on the 21st. A part of me died with him that day.

April brought a bit of recovery/ My family, friends, co-workers and of course the PUGS made me realize life had to go on.......... and it did. I only posted twice but it was significant because I had finally ventured out again.

May brought promises. My friends convinced me to vacation in New Orleans during the month of June and it was decided that we would be there to celebrate my birthday.

June finally arrived and since New Orleans is my "adopted" home, I was reawakened first at the excitement of going away and then with the joy of spending my birthday in the "big easy".
I also became concerned with Gay focused local political issues when the Hillsborough County Commissioners voted to ban all recognition of Gay Pride. I had a cause.........
July arrived with bigotry in politics and religion. Politicians were voting against all forms of gay rights legislation while "sleeping with the enemy! It was time to OUT their asses and expose them for the bigots they are ............. and I helped expose their happy asses.
August found the religious hypocrits preaching the gospel but spending their leisure time socializing in men's rooms or sexually abusing minors..... it was time to beat their asses too!
Along the way, I found time to engage in some activity of my own... with consenting adults!
so here we are........... it's almost Labor Day, we just missed another hurricane, I'm planning another trip to New Orleans, this time to watch me some Saints football live and life goes on!

The BLOGMASTERS on the right of this journal are listed because they are an eclectic mix of individuals. They are unique in their presentations; be it visually with stunning photography and/or art, or in their writings. Some are very funny, others emotional.

They discuss politics, religion, families and friends, their dreams and aspirations.

They're from all over the world......... one lives in Slovakia another close to me here in Florida.
They range in age from 19 to "somewhere up there". Who knows, who cares.
Most are Gay, since that would be my initial point of interest but those that are not also have something to say........... and it's important to acknowledge them, they're a part of our lives. Without the mothers, we wouldn't exist!

Most importantly, what matters to me regarding all of my BLOGMASTERS is that I enjoy reading their blogs.... which I do on an almost daily basis.

Yesterday, I was reading the blog of one of my favorite BLOGMASTERS, Thomas&co. He has a picture of a T-shirt on which was printed "THINK testicles", with a link to , a tongue in cheek site that spotlights how the Japanese use ideas/words from other countries to advertise their products without fully realizing the true meaning of the english words.

I checked out the website: and there it was, dondon immortalized on a tee shirt!

But first, there was the grocery bag. Someone somewhere has a dondon grocery bag and it seems the Japanese liked the logo and found it important or visually appealing enough to print it on a tee...........

The Grocery Bag

The T-shirt
on sale for $16.99 marked down from $19.99!

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Qivan said...

Lost in Translation. When I lived in Germany, many of the gaybars had English names, but really dumb ones, like Go In, Happy Dance Club...........etc.