Monday, August 22, 2005

Our Little Corner of The World

After two long years, the Memorial Causeway bridge going to Clearwater Beach is finally completed.

The coral high rise building directly to the bottom left of this picture is where Daisy's photo was taken (below).

Driving to the beach should take less than 5 minutes by car and there are also bycicle lanes and a pedestrian sidewalk. The walk over the bridge and on to the beach should take no more than 20 minutes (much too hot for that now), but a nice bit of exercise in the fall.

Clearwater Beach

Sunset at Clearwater Beach


Qivan said...

It looks like a beautiful city, though I have no idea where it is other than Florida.

I spent my summer's on Clearwater Beach, but in Northern Canada.

ConnieJane said...

So glad the construction is finally complete and we have uninterupted access to that beautiful beach. Too bad it will soon be full of million dollar condos and high dollar hotel rooms. Until then we will enjoy the beauty. For those who are unfamiliar, that photo sunset appears nightly.