Friday, August 19, 2005

Everybody's working for the weekend.... except me!~
The Art of Glen Hanson

My weekend doesn't start until Saturday again because as usual, we're short staffed at work and I spend most of my day covering for those who aren't here... the only chance I have to get my work done is on the weekend, when no one's here.
I'm not complaining much since the weather has been in the high 90's all week with a "feels like" temperature ranging from 103-105 degrees!

We've once again been advised not to walk our dogs during daytime hours. Last week, a dog died of heat stroke after walking around a block. Very scary! This means the PUGS are not seeing daylight. I'm walking them at 5:00 AM and 11:00PM, still in the mid-80's but not staggering.

Instead of working this afternoon, I was reading the blogs of my favorite Masterbloggers (brettcajun and Hikaruland) and noticed that the two of them had links to a site which determines after answering a brief questionnaire, what type of dog you're most like. Now I hate this type of questionnaire (can't be bothered) but since I'm a puppy freak, hmmmmm should I be doing this, after all I am at work...... well, I gotta find out dammit. Since I own two PUGS, I'm sure to be a PUG. So I decide to take the damned thing. God don't let me be a poodle! I took the test........ I'm a St. Bernard. NO COMMENT! Vinny and Tim, I want to know which dog most represents your personality!

To find out which dog most represents your personality, click here: Gone2thedogs and click on game.

I am, I am I am.... going out this Saturday nite. I need a nite out, and I need IT!

Personal note to Kanye West (below) .... I want to meet your cousin!

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Hikaru said...

I was shocked by mine as well. I thought I would be a Corgi.