Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blogzie and the little red crockpot!

In last Sunday's St. Petersburg Times, there was a Target insert advertising a crock pot on sale.

Never having owned a crock pot, the $17.99 advertised price was mighty tempting, although the available colors left much to be desired; white or red. With the exception of two polo golf shirts and one sweatshirt, noting in my home is red (I actually hate that color) which made me immediately decide that I needed a red crock pot! I would get one on my way home from work the next day.

All quickly forgotten until today. I visited dear Blogzie's blog today where she had posted a recipe for chicken made in a crock pot. The recipe sounded delicious so off to Target I go to buy my little red crock pot on the last day of the sale.

My first stop at Target's was the garden furniture section. With spring coming, I'm considering some changes to the patio. As I turn the corner, there on an end cap is a selection of bedding from the international bazaar collection on sale for 90% off.

On the bottom shelf, I spot a comforter (rust background with two wide stripes one tan, the other chocolate with contrasting appliqued symbols on each stripe). Looks expensive but at 90% off, it can't be too much and I do need something to put on the bed to preserve my present comforter from the dogs.

No price tag on the comforter and no others in sight, I call a sales clerk over. We reopen the comforter, check for tags and no tags. Justin (the clerk) calls the store manager (Monique) and explains the situation. I hear Monique tell Justin to find something like it, and charge me that price.

On the shelf above the comforter are two beautiful mohair lap throws priced at $49.95, so I suggest to Justin that is the most similar item in the area, who relates this to Monique. I hear Monique tell Justin to have the clerk charge me $49.95 for the comforter.

I forget the little red crock pot and head for the register. I tell the clerk "this is $49.95 less 90% off, any questions call Justin or Monique. Without hesitation, the clerk rings in $49.95 less the discount and tells me, the will be $2.50 plus 7% tax.... total $2.68. That didn't sound quite right, so I checked my receipt on the way out and saw that the clerk had given me 95% off.

I was on my way back to tell her she had made a mistake in the % off when I saw a woman with the identical comforter in her shopping cart. "I just bought the same one", says I, and noticed her comforter had a price tag on it reading $129.95. I find Justin on my way out and tell him (honest me) about the price tag on the other comforter. "Well since Monique said you could have it for $49.95 less the discount, it's yours for the quoted price. AMEN!

I'm on my way out the door when I decide that at those prices, I want one of the lap throws so back into Target I go. The throws are Mohair, and like the comforter imported from South Africa and the colors are brilliant. I can't decide which to purchase, the tan or the rust colored so I purchase both along with a matching decorator pillow. Original price of each throw, $49.95; decorator pillow $49.95. total cost after the 90% discount, $14.97 added tax of 7% total sale is $16.02.

I'm ready to leave for home when I remember the red crock pot. Back into Target I go and this time directly to the crock pot aisle. I pick up the crock pot and decide that I need two more decorator pillows. Still part of the bed ensemble but different sizes, the two pillows I choose are $29.95 and $34.95 or $6.90 with 90% off plus 7% tax for a total of $7.38..........

Total price of 1 comforter, 2 lap throws, 3 decorator pillows, including tax $26.08!
Original price of above merchandise $344.70

Not a bad day at all, and yes I did purchase the little red crock pot, marked down from $19.99 to $17.99; and finally on my way out the door, I saw a penny on the ground and picked it up!

On the way home, I stopped by Starbucks for my usual grande mocha frappucino. Cost $3.91.

As for cooking in the crock pot, sorry Blogzie, I'm much too tired. I'm going to pick up a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from the deli section of Publix for dinner.

Tomorrow, it's back to Target to purchase a plastic storage container. These colors a more suited to fall/winter and it's just getting too warm here now which means everything goes into storage with the exception of my little red crock pot!


Blogzie said...

While I applaud your honesty, I, on the other hand, would have been burning rubber out of the parking lot before they discovered their mistake.

What a fantastic buy. You must post photos of it all.

And if anyone had to take your crock-pot virginity from you, I’m so glad it was I!
I hope I was gentle, my dear, and I hope you will always look back on this milestone and remember me with fondness.

I never thought I would see the day that I would become so bourgeois that I couldn’t live without my crock-pot, but alas, the day has arrived.

We must go shopping together. And do lunch!

Love you like crazy.


Tai said...

That's a whole lot of shopping for a whole little teeny price!

And cheers to you for being so honest, it's very refreshing!

Hypoxic said...

Hey dondon, if I send you some money would you go shopping for me - there's no way I ever get those prices LOL

Crock pot's are great - especially if you're like me and can't cook for the life of me LOL I just throw all the makings into it - and let it do it's thing. In my case what comes out isn't necessarily pretty - but it taste's good!

ConnieJane said...

Viva Target!!!

Way to go dondon!!!

nancy =) said...

well don don i am just too excited for your good fortune today!! what a deal!! lucky you!! but i must admit that i, like blogzie, would've bolted out the door...

and after reading dear blogzie's post today and your comments in it i raced over to my target and i too bought the RED crockpot for only $17.99!! i can't wait to use it!!

like connie jane says -- viva target!!

ciao =)

sttropezbutler said...

This was so on Target.....




Find a penny, pick it up... already had the luck.

Can I have the penny?