Saturday, February 04, 2006

Surrounded by morons!

I could have stayed home yesterday. It was a scheduled vacation day but my boss asked me to come in for a few hours to attend a meeting.

I woke up an hour late, and bed just seemed much too inviting. The pugs were still snoring when I finished showering, dressing and ready to take them out for their morning stroll.
The temptation to crawl back into bed was unfortunately overshadowed by my work ethic.

I felt a few drops of rain as we were walking, but thought nothing much of it. Rain had been announced for later in the day. This was at 8 AM.

I arrived at work, attended my meeting which ended at about 11AM and looked out the window to see rain pouring down and beginning to flood the parking lot. Thunder and lightning soon followed and knowing how terrified Muggs is of thunder, I decided it was time to leave for home.

In the lobby, I heard from the security guards that there was major flooding and the bus system was suspended temporarily. I headed for home.

Traffic was unbearable; bumper to bumper, slow moving with people becoming more and more agitated, switching in and out of the four lanes. I could see that some of the exits were flooded. I could witness the insanity.

People were actually trying to drive thru the flooding waters. It was obvious that the water was too deep to drive thru........ the lead car was flooded to the windows (the driver walking away in almost waist deep water) but people kept trying to get thru; each car stalling as the water reached engine level. Amazing! By the time I finally drove by that exit, seven cars were stalled, and others were still trying to get thru. It was total insanity.

On the radio, I heard that the roof of Bed, Bath and Beyond had caved in while several people were shopping. This happened at approximately 10AM. The rain had started at about 8 o'clock and continued. One woman was explaining her shock when the roof caved in while she was buying a toaster. More insanity....... "lady, what the fuck are you doing out in a rain storm buying a toaster?' 'It was already pouring when you left your house!" I just don't get it!

It took me almost three hours to get home (twenty five miles). The rain had stopped, the pugs were sound asleep, snoring.


sttropezbutler said...

Tis amazing isn't it.

The toaster lady will never get it. Never.

She will however, sue.


Blogzie said...

Perhaps you should not leave the house anymore.

I rarely do.

Americans scare me.