Friday, February 17, 2006



Finally, the weekend! After an incredibly busy week at work, I'm finally taking three days off. Three days of sleeping in and just hanging around, playing with the PUGS, reading, listening to music and watching movies.

Daisy, my 10 year old puppy is developing arthritis in one leg and despite all efforts to keep her from running and jumping, she continues. She wants to play and I try to make her slow down, which she thinks is punishment.... which upsets me.

I've finally discovered a way for her to take her medication by crushing the pills and mixing them with chicken. Tonite was a success. Next are visits to two vets... I want an evaluation and a second opinion after which we are going holistic and possibly accupuncture.

Oh, and the dreaded diet. Daisy is overweight weighing in at 23 pounds when she should be, according to vet number one... about 15 pounds. Of course because of the arthritis, exercise is held at a minimum. What to do?

What we will do, is make every effort to keep her as comfortable as possible.

My girl isn't going anywhere!


cats said...

is it puppy posting day? i posted a pict of my 'ohana and abb posted one of her betsey.

hope she feels better (i could drop a few pounds myself.)

Blogzie said...

Dear Daisy,

Auntie Blogzie in California sends her love and lots of doggie kisses.

I can so relate to getting older and having aches and pains and being a bit on the zaftig side.

If you take your medicine like a good girl (Pills are fun! Trust me!) Auntie Blogzie will treat you to a shopping spree at Sephora. Just us girls. Dad and Muggs will have to stay home while we have a Doggie Day Afternoon.


Blogzie said...

Dear Daisy,

I know I said it would just be “us girls” but do you think we should invite Donatella?

Yes, I know, she is an attention hog, but we do need someone to carry the bags.

I’ll let you decide…


BostonPobble said...

Does she swim? I ask because maybe you could find a way to do water exercise with her. No impact on the arthritis, more impact on the weight. Just a thought. Getting my Daisy off Beneful and only allowing her to eat her own food instead of Lionel's as well helped her ~ but somehow I think you are taking better care of your Daisy than my foster family was!

Hypoxic said...

Enjoy the time off - I am :)