Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dermot the pug wins Best of Breed and Best of Toy Group at the 150th Annual Westminster Dog Show.

Since we're a pug family, the PUGLETS insisted that I acknowledge Dermot today with a reminder that if you are thinking of adopting a dog, you might like to consider a PUG.

My boy Muggs was rescued from an abusive home and he's the most loving and devoted friend anyone could have.

Most states have a PUG RESCUE organization!

And now...... here's Dermot!




sttropezbutler said...

What a face!

(Reminds me of my first husband!)


ConnieJane said...

What a beautiful pug!

We had a pug for 13 years who grew up with me. His name was also Mugs.

My oldest daughter also has one, her name is Tia and she is a hoot! She has a monogramed quilt made by our own RQM and she loves to watch the dog shows on TV!

Blogzie said...

Oh that Dermot, what a diva!

Don't you think all of that fame will go to his head?


Ruben said...

Pugs are almost as adorable as English Bulldogs.

BostonPobble said...

RESCUE! RESCUE! RESCUE! I'm All About rescue dogs. Keep testifying, DonDon!

scrappy rose said...

We've been thinking about a Pug... I got a little concerned when a list of health risks common for them. Do you think a Pug could be left alone while I'm at work from 7-3? I thought about trying to box train one so it could pee inside while I was gone.