Sunday, February 12, 2006

I had to smile when I saw this sign for a 5 cent cup of coffee; as I thought of my friend "Pobble Thought" who uses "That and a buck fifty will get you coffee" as a signature on her posts.

Times sure change!

Last week was one of those "weeks from HELL" at work. I made the mistake of accepting the challenge of cleaning up some of the work left undone by previous case managers which means aside from issues with my own client base, I'm trying to complete (fine tune) the work of others.

I love the challenge but I don't think I understood the scope of unfinished business.

The goal, clean up their act by the end of February....... I'm still not certain it can be done, but I'm giving it 100%. At work, I'm suddenly not the most pleasant apple in the bunch; at home, the dogs make believe they're sleeping and leave me to my work.

I'm trying to post on a regular basis and reading all of my blogmasters each morning and some in the evenings. If I don't comment as regularly as I like, understand that I'm reading and enjoying your posts. Know that soon enough, I'll be putting in my "five cents worth"!

I actually did upload photos today, but they came out blurry and not at all like the originals. I will try another avenue next Sunday, sorry.


hastydevil said...

the new template looks really awesome. a little bit foreboding, me thinks.

just give the fine tuning your best shot. if it's not finished by the end of february, then i guess it is difficult to begin with.

by the way, thank you for reading my blog. i truly appreciate it.

sttropezbutler said...

On and on you go and where you'll stop no one knows.

I have a feeling you will have everything done by months end....

You are just that kind of man!


Hypoxic said...

I agree with what hastydevil and STB said - BUT don't kill yourself in the process. No job is worth it.

Good luck!