Sunday, September 25, 2005


The Weekly Planet announced the Best of Tampa Bay Awards 2005 this week with one of my MASTERBLOGGERS winning the award for Best Left Winger. Congratulations Blogwood!

Staff Picks

Who fights for morality, or at least the Christian Coalition definition of morality? Who leads the pack when the fight is on the right side of the political spectrum? Who personally insulted gays, lesbians and pro-choice advocates throughout this county and turned Tampa into a national laughingstock? Hillsborough County Commissioner Ronda Storms, of course. Love her or hate her, Storms came out of nowhere in 1998 to win a seat on the commission and has since become the No. 1 force dividing our community today.

Note: I've made several journal entries regarding anti-gay antagonist Ronda Storms under the title The Wicked Witch of Hillsborough County.

Staff Picks
BEST LEFT-WINGER: Norwood Orrick’s BlogWood

As sorely tempted as we are to list Dave Andreychuk of the Tampa Bay Lightning in this category, we are talking about politics. Then again, since there are no outstanding progressive, left-wing elected officials remaining in Tampa Bay politics, Andreychuk may be as good a choice as any. But the award goes to Norwood Orrick, whose BlogWood represents the closest thing we have to progressive political thought.

Note: Dondon009 is honored to be listed in Blogwood under the sidebar heading
Tampa Bay Goodness. Thank You Blogwood!


sttropezbutler said...

All goodness All the time..

With the ability to bitch slap when necessary!

Rock on...


BostonPobble said...

I an't say it any better than STB did so I'll settle for the ever eloquent "yeah ~ what he said."

ConnieJane said...

Me three.

Ruben said...

I'm impressed and very jealous.

Blogzie said...


You can bitch slap me anytime.

We'll make STB watch.