Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ranting and Raving

Hangover Sunday...... Why the hell do I insist on doing myself in every time I go out with my friends? No clue why I can't just sit at the bar, enjoy a couple of Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonics, socialize with my friends and get my happy ass home.
Just won't do! I have to have, in addition to the Gin and Tonic, a side of Apple Pucker Schnapps. A lethal combination.... Of course my friend Tim doesn't help the situation, tellling anyone who will listen that I like to order side drinks to match the clothes I'm wearing. Last nite, he was trying to coax me into drinking Melon Schnapps to match the shirt I was wearing.
No Go Tim...... sorry buddy!

Anyway, the hangover from HELL continues as I try to watch football and blog at the same time.

This morning, not wanting to waste the day in bed, I took my jewelry to be cleaned at a local jewelry store and afterwards, stopped at my favorite Gourmet eatery, Burger King! A double whopper with cheese no lettuce later, I was walking out the door when I noticed a car stopped by the side of the road. The car was running, but no driver. The dude was in the middle of the road trying to rescue an injured pigeon. Scared shitless that some car would come flying by and obliterate not only the pigeon but the dude. I was relieved when he finally caught it yelling back at me that he was going to take it to the the bird sanctuary. He took it back to his car, handed the bird to his wife and took off. I'm impressed..... this is the kind of person I want in my life! A bit reckless, but obviously caring.

Speaking of reckless, the Diva to my dismay wins the award. The Diva drives a brand new corvette.... looks like a giant bumble bee, yellow with a black convertible top.
While I don't deny my sister the pleasure of tooling around town in her vette, I go crazy when she cell phones me while driving. Granted, she's a great driver but there are a lot of idiots on the roads....... keep both hands on the wheel and FOCUS dammit.
Call me later!

The Diva and her husband, a 100% great guy have one son, my nephew the sheriff. The nephew is engaged and his fiancee is also a sheriff. Which means, Uncle 009 better not get caught drinking and driving! If I could select anyone in the world to be the nephew, I would still choose the sheriff! He is the ultimate best.....

da Momma and da Poppa are in a world of their own. They will be married 61 years on December 26th. Of course they started a family very late in their marriage (well not that late, actually). The Momma and the Poppa retired to New Brunswick, Canada where they live surrounded by my mother's sisters and brother in a small village overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The good life!

The Hippie who is presently nursing a hangover lives with the PUGLETS in Tampa Bay on a cliff overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The Hippie continues to wander thru life looking for signs of intelligent life.

End of rantings, back to football!

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The Blog Whore said...

The pigeon dude reminds me of my husband. He stopped 3 lanes of traffic, jumped out of his truck and helped a mother possum and her babies cross the road. He actually picked those babies up by the tail and moved 'em. I wouldn't have touched those things, they have a thousand fricking teeth! He's crazy!