Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Numbers Just Don't Add Up!

Let's see now........ in a poll conducted by The Research 2000 between September 6-9, 2005 70% of Floridians said they were unlikely to enlist ; or encourage their children to enlist in the military and 72% were against reinstating the draft!

When the same people were asked if they supported the war in Iraq, 45% said the war was justified.

In other words...... I support your war, I just am NOT gonna fight it. Let someone else's son/daughter/father/mother/brother/sister/ fight it!



sttropezbutler said...

There you go again...using logic. Thinking. You know where that leads!

Have a great week!


BostonPobble said...

Yeah, you seem to understand the mindset pretty well! ;)

Bougie Black Boy said...

Yeah, I agree with sttropezbutler!

Not in his words--but mine: Logic is nothing. Intuition is stronger.

Ruben said...

Floridians( if that is the correct term) were stupid enough to help George Bush steal, I mean win his first term right.

cajunprince said...

I'm not sure we should blame all Floridians for putting Geroge Bush in the White House....

ConnieJane said...

I must say, not ALL Floridians are stupid nor were we ALL helpful in allowing Dubya to steal the presidency. Half of us voted for the other guy... BOTH TIMES. Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris were the two Floridians most instrumental in making Dubya's presidency possible. And there are plenty of us who didn't vote for them either.

We have a problem down here, sure, but it's not fair to simply blame ALL Floridians. Other states had election issues as I recall, we are one unlucky enough to have the most. At least half the voters did NOT vote for Bush remember?