Monday, September 19, 2005



I installed STAT COUNTER on July 17, 2005. The first day, I had a grand total of 6 hits..... somehow, things took off and now, 65 days later....... I've reached 4000 hits! AMAZING!

Stat Counter is an informative free tool because it not only tells me how many visitors stopped by on any given day, it identifies the visitor, graphs new visitors, returning visitors, referrals (where the visitor came from) and lots of other not so useful information. Following is the post which I wrote on July 17, 2005

I woke up Saturday morning feeling wonderfully refreshed, after a very difficult week at work.
With the coffee brewing and bacon and eggs cooking for the PUGS ( yes they're spoiled and that's the "weekend treat"), I began reading my e-mails......
The second e-mail I read was a copy of an "ANONYMOUS" response to one of my blogs. The response was composed of several paragraphs filled with hate and inaccurate biblical quotations ..... written by a member of the Christian Coalition.
I chose to delete this response because this blogsite has been created for my personal enjoyment and that of my family, friends, Gay and Gay-friendly readers.
Although I respect your right to express your opinion, I will not allow this blogsite to become offensive to those I love or a platform for ANGER, HATE and HOMOPHOBIA . My suggestion to those who wish to regurgitate their hatred is to "create your own Blog!"
Still shaken by the ANONYMOUS response to my blog, I decided to review blogs from some of my favorite BLOGMASTERS and the first blog I read was titled "I am not afraid!"; four words which began to have so much meaning and necessary me to digest at this moment.
To this gentleman, I say: "THANK YOU" (Thomas & Co.) for enlightening me.
My generation began the fight for ACCEPTANCE after Stonewall, but it's the new generation of men and women who are OUT and PROUD who will carry on and eventually win the war for EQUALITY!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the number of hits - count me in as a fan. I love getting my dondon fix with all it's passion and honesty and wonder.

Your dramatic metaphor, sadly, is all too accurate: it is a "war" that gay people must fight for even the most basic of human rights. So, kudos to you for fighting the good fight. But you're not alone - there are plenty of us straight folks who just won't stand for any sort of homophobic foolishness. We also will refuse to be afraid to stand up for what is right. Much love.

Ruben said...

Well said Don! I suggest removing the option to allow someone to post anonymously on your blog. It is a coward's best shot at saying something and then hidding his/her hand. If you are a real or woman then you should have a set big enough to speak up and show your identity while doing so.