Sunday, September 11, 2005

Love ya, Doc!

Dondon009's first annual "wash your mouth out with soap" award goes to Dr. Ben Marble! You can operate on my anytime Doc.......

Dr. Ben Marble, a young emergency room physician had a brief confrontation with Vice President Dick Cheney this week.

"I am no fan of Mr. Cheney because of several reasons," Marble wrote. "For those who don't know, Mr. Cheney is infamous for telling Senator [Pat] Leahy 'go fuck yourself' on the Senate floor.

So Marble, who was sifting through the wreckage caused by the hurricane to his home, asked a couple of police officers if he and a friend could walk down to see Cheney.
They told him Cheney was "looking forward” to talking to “the locals.”

"So we grabbed my Canon digital rebel and my Sony videocamera and started walking down the street," Marble wrote. "And then right in front of the destroyed tennis court I used to play on Dick Cheney was giving a pep rally, talking to the press. The Secret Service guys patted us down and waved the wands over us, and then let us pass."

As he stood about 10 feet away from Cheney and his friend and some camera operators from CNN and other media filmed the scene, Marble suddenly yelled, "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney! Go fuck yourself, you asshole!" Hey, at least Marble was polite. After all, he referred to Cheney as “Mr. Cheney.”

"I had no intention of harming anyone but merely wanted to echo Mr. Cheney's infamous words back at him," Marble wrote. "At that moment, I noticed the Secret Service guys with a panic-stricken look on their faces, like they were about to tackle me, so I calmly walked away back to my former house."

As Marble and his friend were salvaging a few items from his home, two military police waving M-16's showed up and said they were looking for someone who fit Marble's description who had cursed at Cheney.

"I told them I was probably the person they were looking for, and so they put me in handcuffs and 'detained' me for about 20 minutes or so," Marble wrote. "My right thumb went numb because the cuffs were on so tight, but they were fairly courteous and eventually released me after getting all my contact info. They said I had NOT broken any laws so I was free to go."


ConnieJane said...

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing.

Too bad it took twenty minutes for the MP's to figure that out. Glad to hear the SS has his "contact" information. Watch for the IRS to have it as well. Maybe we should take up a special collection for Dr. Marble's rebuilding or defense fund whichever he needs first.

Thanks for sharing.

Qivan said...

good for him, but it is scary that he was questioned after.

sttropezbutler said...

This is America. Land of the free, home of the brave. This is America, the country that invades sovereign nations. This is America, where a President gets a blow job and the entire press corps goes ape shit, and yet a President allows bodies to float in the streets of an American City for days...for DAYS....and tells us not to play the blame game. This is america...where we'll intimidate you (terror alert anyone) or handcuff you and tell you later that you didn't break any laws. This is America?




I'm trying to remember....
Was Cheney handcuffed on the senate floor???