Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Keith Boykin

Another one of my BLOGMASTERS: Lecturer, activist and author [BEYOND THE DOWN LOW] Keith Boykin is this week along with (one of ESSENCE magazine's 25 Women Shaping the World) Jasmyne Cannick, blogging a series of articles profiling homophobic ministers. You can review this series at: KEITH BOYKIN!

I've written extensivelly about hypocritical religious leaders who preach against homosexuality in the pulpit and "jump the fence" as soon as they're out of their robes; as well as politicians who vote against issues concerning gay rights but are socializing "in the closet" with other men.

People have e-mailed me telling me to "let them be", but I believe that when a person is in a position of trust, they need to "practice what they preach!"

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I say grab them by the short hairs, drag them out of the closet and after a swift kick in the caboose toss them in the gutter where they belong.

And I'm not kiddin!