Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Oh Canada!



MOM and DAD... get out and VOTE!

In a political first for Canada, lesbian activist Allison Brewer will lead the New Democratic Party in the province of New Brunswick.

She won the ballot earlier this week. Brewer had previously faced no competition, but had agreed to extend the leadership race so that two new contenders could enter earlier this year.

After winning, she said the day was "historic" and pledged to continue campaigning for gay and abortion rights.

Brewer warned the country's Conservative and ruling Liberal parties that she was on her way to challenging them.

"I will continue to speak out," she told the Telegraph Journal newspaper. "As the leader I think there are things I have to hear and I will certainly respect other people's opinions, but anyone who thinks that a woman doesn't have the right to choose is just wrong and anyone who doesn't support equal marriage for Canadians is just wrong."

Brewer says she will now focus on building up the party, so that it has more political power in Canada.


Ruben said...

Me thinks I should move to Canada!

Hikaru said...

I bleed NDP, so I'm all for her taking it.